May 17, 2024
The NAN Project Hosts its First Youth Mental Health Summit
Empowering Youth Voices Summit

We are feeling especially grateful this morning and would like to send another huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Empowering Youth Voices Summit last Friday! We couldn’t have done it without all of your incredible support and encouragement We are excited to share that our event made the front page of The Salem News! You can read the full article here:

Samaritans Hope Breakfast

Today, NAN Team Members Sarojini and Liza had the opportunity to attend the #BreakfastForHope with Samaritans! We are grateful for our continued partnership with this organization, which is celebrating 50 years of hope in human connection! Sarojini and Liza raved about how hearing so many lived experience stories helped kick off the day strong, especially considering how TNP shares in the same work and messages!

May 14, 2024
Empowering Youth Voices Summit

On Friday, May 3rd, The Nan Project hosted our first summit, “Empowering Youth Voices.” At this event, we had over 150 students attend

 workshops throughout the day, all based on mental health and breaking the stigma around it. Teachers and faculty from each school had the opportunity to attend workshops focused on discussing strategies to better help students, and create a safe environment to talk about mental health in the public school system. 

During the summit, one of our Peer Mentors, Kylee, went around and interviewed some students, asking the questions: “What does being here today mean for you?” and “Why is spreading awareness on mental health important?” Here are some of the highlights from the high schoolers that attended:


Coco from Swampscott High School: “Today is about learning how to help other people.” 

Abby from Swampscott High School: “ To me today is about educating the school system on how to better help their students.” 

Mama from Everett High School: “Mental health is important because it’s the state of our well being both mentally and emotionally.”

Endurance from Revere High School: “Mental health is an overwhelming topic, so today is about hearing the students voices.”

Natalie from Danvers High School: “Mental health issues are present in a lot of schools but no one wants to talk about it.”

Sammy from Danvers High School: “It’s rewarding to share and teach others.”

Gabi from Reading High School “It’s a learning opportunity for all of us to learn to articulate our feelings.” 

Lucas from Swampscott High School: “Today is about learning how to help friends” 

Jackson from Swampscott High School: “We are learning to engage and communicate and address a situation on the spot. It’s good to know how to help.” 

Lyla from Chelmsford High School: “We are building a community with vulnerability and taking away the stigma. Today is a day of no judgment.”


After speaking with the students, it’s clear how important conversations about these topics are. We hope that the practice of asking questions and sharing our lived experiences is helping to build a community where stigma is nonexistent for these bright young adults.

May 3, 2024
Empowering Youth Voices 2024

On May 3rd, we held our first youth mental health summit, Empowering Youth Voices, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Department of Health. The event was a massive success and was attended by well over 100 students from nearly 20 different schools in Massachusetts. Throughout the day, students had the chance to attend panels, listen to powerful speakers, and partake in collaboration opportunities. All of these activities were centered around mental health and focused on bolstering leadership within their communities!

April 4, 2024
MassDMH Suicide Prevention Conference

Over the last two days, our team attended the Annual Massachusetts Department of Mental Health Suicide Prevention Conference to represent The NAN Project and spread the word about the wonderful work we do! It was an amazing experience to connect with and learn from our fellow peers in the mental health world who are doing similar work! We also got to hold a presentation explaining the power of our peer-to-peer model and highlighting our collaboration with Sharing Kindness

March 26, 2024
50k People Reached

Amazing news! We just hit the milestone of 50,000 people reached through The NAN Project! This number represents the various students, community members, and stakeholders that we’ve been able to share our message of hope with since the beginning of our journey. We’d like to send a big thank you to all of our supporters for making this goal possible! Together, we are fighting the stigma against youth mental health and showing that recovery is possible. Let’s go Team NAN!

March 21, 2024
State House Briefing

On March 21st, The NAN Project presented a State House Briefing in Boston to garner support for our work in youth suicide prevention. Our peer mentors, Aiden and Emily, as well as an educator from a partner school and other team members had the opportunity to speak in front of MA legislators about the positive impact that the NAN Project has on youth mental health. State Representative Michael Day shared some amazing opening remarks and Senator Joan B. Lovely was a cohost! We feel gratified to have been given the platform to share our mission on Beacon Hill.

March 18, 2024
Successfest 2024

Our team had the opportunity to attend Successfest 2024 with the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health The theme of this year’s Successfest was Helping, Empowering, Accepting, and Loving. We were very happy to participate with a Peer Mentor presentation and some tabling to spread awareness about TNP✨ It was an incredible event focused on inspiring youth and motivating them to be active leaders in their communities

March 15, 2024
Sharing Kindness Summit

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of attending the Hope Squad Summit, held by Sharing Kindness It was a wonderful opportunity for students in the Cape Cod area to speak about being mental health leaders and discuss ways to collaborate. We got to present on our Peer to Peer model and then read two comeback stories! Thank you to Sharing Kindness and Hope Squad for allowing us to speak at this event✨

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