August 14, 2023
Spanish Peer Mentor Graduation in Lawrence

Last week, we held a graduation for our new group of Spanish speaking Peer Mentors in Lawrence, Ma. We are incredibly proud of this crew and all of the hard work they put into training. We cannot wait to support the work that they accomplish in diversifying mental health advocacy!

August 11, 2023
A Re-Introduction to The NAN Project Blog

Welcome to the NAN Project

If you’re new here you might be wondering What is the NAN Project? The NAN Project came about following the tragic death of Nan, who took her own life after battling depression, anxiety, and OCD from a very young age and with very limited professional support. Nan’s family wanted to help young people feel less alone and less scared of speaking up. So they developed a peer to peer model to reach students, teachers, and emergency responders. The peer to peer model has young people with lived experience sharing their stories of mental health and shows that life can get better, with the hope to relate to young people. During presentations students are given resources and education on what to do if they or a friend is struggling.

Now that you know what the NAN project is all about we’d like to expand our messaging across social media.We have had social media accounts since the beginning, however with the onboarding of new staff we will be revamping all of our social media accounts. To do that we’ve put together a social media team, Shannon, Rachel, Kylee, and Fantasia (all pictured below!). They will be working to manage our blog, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Linkedin accounts. 

We have some ideas, but would love to hear from you guys and what you want to hear about. So if you have an idea please head over to our socials and send us a message or comment!

Until next week have a safe and peaceful week!






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August 7, 2023
Trusted Adult Training in Winthrop

Last Thursday, we held a session of QPR training at CASA Community Action for Safe Alternatives in Winthrop, MA! We got to train suicide prevention skills to members of the Winthrop community who represented the Winthrop Firefighters 1070 , Winthrop, MA Police Department , Winthrop Public Schools, Winthrop Parents Network and other local volunteers. We are very proud of this dedicated crew of trusted adults in Winthrop!

August 3, 2023
Peer Mentor Graduation in Lynn

Recently, we had a new crew of Peer Mentors graduate after a three-day-long training in Lynn, MA with The NAN Project! They all had the opportunity to write their own inspiring comeback stories regarding their mental health journeys. They are now prepared to be mental health leaders within local communities!


June 27, 2023
Trauma-Informed Fitness Class at First Day of Peer Mentor Summer Learning Series
Today, we had our first session of our Peer Mentor Summer Learning Series! In the morning, movement practitioner, Erica, provided a trauma-informed fitness class for our Peer Mentors. It was great to learn more about the ways fitness can help with trauma recovery, and to get moving! For more info on her work check out:
In the afternoon, our staff got our whole team up to date on the work of our SEL Circles, and what new groups we have going on in the summer and fall.
This was a great introduction to our Summer Learning Series, we can’t wait for next week’s session!
June 22, 2023
The NAN Project Granted $21,000 from WCVB Channel 5 Boston’s Fifty Year Fund

We were awarded a generous grant from WCVB Channel 5 Boston through their Fifty Year Fund at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge! Jake, our executive director, spoke with WCVB about how this grant will make a big difference in reaching more students in MA. We are so grateful to WCVB for all the work they do to support community organizations and kudos to all who ran in the corporate challenge! 

June 17, 2023
North Shore Teen Summer Send-Off in Beverly

This past weekend our Peer Mentors Ares, Emilia, and Rachel tabled at the North Shore Teen Summer Send-Off in Beverly! It was great to make new connections and send students off into the summer with this community event.

June 15, 2023
Saugus Community Resource & Fun Fair
Today our team members tabled at the Saugus Community Resource & Fun Fair; we enjoyed making connections with very young people about the basics of feelings and coping skills!
June 13, 2023
Presentations to MLK Charter School in Springfield
Today, our Peer Mentors shared their stories to 4th grade students for the first time at MLK Charter School in Springfield!
June 12, 2023
Presentations to Marsh Middle School in Methuen

Today our peer mentors presented to 6th graders at Marsh Middle School in Methuen for the first time! We hope they have a wonderful last few days of school.


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