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The NAN Project & Covid-19

During these unsettling days, we at The NAN Project remain steadfast in our commitment to the mental health and wellness of our young adults, schools and communities. In the coming weeks, we will continue develop an ongoing series of both live stream and downloadable programs which we will make available to schools as a resource to alleviate the isolation, emotional stress and upheaval in routines that many young people are facing.

Please see below our selection of resources including

  • Resource Guides for students and educators/parents
  • Lesson Plans for educators
  • Videos from our Peer Mentors
  • Useful links.
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The NAN Project has produced the following videos for students, educators and families that reinforce the importance of caring for our mental health. Our Peer Mentors share how they’ve been navigating these challenging times, as well as the strategies they’ve found most helpful. Watch the playlist here! 

The NAN Project is pleased to offer the following programs as a set of tools for schools and youth serving organizations to promote self-care, routine, and connectedness for the young people they serve. Each module includes a lesson plan and set of slides. Check out the Lesson Plans here. 

The NAN Project has produced a series of webinars and live workshops to help educators and caregivers recognize the challenges of today’s students and provide appropriate responses and resources in the context of Covid-19. Watch our webinars or learn about our trainings here!


Check out our Mental Health Resource Guides: 

Read a message from The NAN Project’s Co-Founder regarding our work during the Covid-19 School Closures. 

For short videos made by our Peer Mentors, follow @the_nan_project on TikTok!


Here are some links to articles about how to support the mental health of young adults during this period of social isolation:

  1.  From the New York Times – 5 tips to support teenagers struggling with anxiety related to COVID 19
  2.  Mindfulness Tools from MGH – Resources for Mindfulness and strategies and recommendations to implement them
  3.  How to Take the “Un” out of Uncertainty – A blog by The NAN Project’s Senior Peer Mentor, Alison Sabean, with some tips for creating routine in these uncertain times
  4. Free Online Groups & Events from William College – William James College will be offering several free, online groups beginning 4/13 on parenting, working from home, mindfulness and other topics.
  5.  Free Tips and Tools for Remote Learning – Common Sense has compiled videos, tip sheets, and online resources for parents and students making the transition to online learning.
  6. 31 Days of Meditation Join The Clay Center’s Meditation Challenge for Mental Health Month. Their calendar features prompts for meditating, helpful tips, and reminders to reflect on your practice.
  7. 12 Ideas to Honor A 2020 Graduate This article from The Boston Globe is full of creative ideas to celebrate the 2020 Grad in your life.
  8. From The Child Mind Institute, this list of resources for parents and guardians is full of information on supporting the mental health of young people through this challenging time.
  9. Managing Isolation and Loneliness During Covid-19 Check out this for creative ideas for managing isolation and statewide resources.

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