Our Peer Mentors

Our Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentor Spotlight

Who are The NAN Project Peer Mentors?

To learn more about the training our Peer Mentors undertake and the ways we support them in presenting their stories, watch the following video:

Where do they come from?

Our Peer Mentors live, go to school, and work all over the state.  Many NAN Project PM’s are graduates of the DMH funded Gathering and Inspiring Future Talent Peer Mentor Training. To hear our Peer Mentors describe themselves in their own words , check out our Peer Mentor Spotlight.

How are they trained?

For the safety of everyone involved, our Peer Mentors complete a rigorous four day training before setting foot in a classroom. This training covers appropriate conduct, safe messaging, presentation skills, and receive a certificate in Question, Persuade, Refer or QPR Suicide Prevention. Our Senior Peer Mentors have opportunities to become trained in Botvin LifeSkills, Mental Health First Aid, SafeTalk, and art therapy. We also have two full time Peer Coordinators, and one Project Coordinator, to communicate with our Mentors and ensure that our presentation days run smoothly.

What is a Comeback Story?

Every Peer Mentor with The NAN Project has a story of their lived experience with mental health challenges, but we coach our team on how to present those stories in a way that inspires hope and uplifts their audience. Roughly, the Comeback Story contains three main sections, a peer mentor’s background and experiences, the strengths and supports that helped them overcome hardship, and what gives them hope today.



If you are interested in joining The Nan Project and using your own lived experience to inspire hope and fight stigma, fill out an application.

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