November 19, 2022
BAMSI’s Transgender Day of Remembrance at Brockton Public Library

Today, our team joined BAMSI’s Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) at the Brockton Public Library to honor lives lost to anti-trans violence. To learn more about the history of Transgender Day of Remembrance and how to get involved, check out: 

November 17, 2022
First Presentations to Notre Dame Cristo Rey High School in Methuen

Over the course of this week we presented to 60 11th grade students at Notre Dame Cristo Rey HS in Methuen! This was our first set of presentations to the school, but Counselor Thibodeau was no stranger to our programming. We presented to her class at Merrimack college while she was studying to be a school counselor,  and we are so happy to have reconnected and to speak with her students about mental health this year!

Presentations to 166 Students at Burlington High School

Over the past two days we were at Burlington High School for the second year and presented to 166 students! The students had great questions, and we were happy to be back for the second year.

November 14, 2022
Presentations to Beverly Middle School

Starting last Wednesday and finishing up today, we presented to 189 7th graders at Beverly Middle School! We had such a wonderful time being back in Beverly, they even gave us flowers. So sweet!

November 10, 2022
Support Activities at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School and Peer Mentor Presentations at Hopedale Junior Senior High School

Over the past two days, we returned to Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School after our Peer Mentors presented their stories the week prior. We facilitated group activities centered on learning risk and protective factors, different types of stress, and coping skills! Today, our Peer Mentors also presented their stories to 59 9th graders at Hopedale Junior Senior High School. 


November 4, 2022
Mindfulness at A Time to Talk in Wakefield

Today we held our 5th session of A Time to Talk at Galvin Middle School in Wakefield! We played a fun group game, showed each other our favorite stretches in a mindfulness exercise, talked about mindfulness and different ways we calm ourselves down by changing our environment or slowing down our thoughts. Our last session is two weeks away and we’re excited to celebrate our growth together!

November 3, 2022
Presentations to 42 Students at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

Over the past two days, we’ve presented to 42 students at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School, where Nan and our Executive Director, Jake, attended as teens. It was great to open up conversations about these tough topics, and connect with a teacher who shared stories of Jake and Nan when they were younger. We will be back next week with group activities focused on positive coping strategies for students at Hamilton-Wenham!

November 1, 2022
Presentations to 125 Students at Greater Lowell Tech

Today we returned to Greater Lowell Technical High School and presented to125 students! Many students had questions about therapy and our Peer Mentors were happy to share their experiences and provide information on how to access mental health support. Thank you again to Ms. Fenlon for welcoming us back and for the incredible lunch at Greater Lowell Tech’s student-operated restaurant: The Artisan!


October 31, 2022
Peer Mentor Graduation at YouForward Lawrence

Today we wrapped up our Peer Mentor training at YouForward Lawrence! We welcome our new members onto the team and look forward to them joining our upcoming presentations.

October 28, 2022
Active Listening at Galvin Middle School’s A Time to Talk

Today we held our 4th session of A Time to Talk at Galvin Middle School in Wakefield! Today’s group was focused on active listening. We played simon says, practiced listening with a paired activity, stacked cups reflecting risk and protective factors, and our Peer Mentor; Nyatuga, shared her comeback story. We’re excited to return for more learning and fun activities next week!

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